New Technology Poster Session

Re: Poster 340

Guido Pott

On Wed Dec 9, Katharina Kaspar wrote
>Dr. Pott: Hope you are enjoying the meeting. I have read your poster with great interest. Is it possible to use your system also for follow-up  examinations? Do you see a real chance to reach the aim at the end of this millenium?

Dr. Kaspar: Dear Dr. Kaspar, of course you can use this system for use of follow-up examinations especially because of the standardized illumination conditions.
On time the input masks are designed for a single study, but we are developing a second input mask for comparing several images.
We are already testing the computer algorithms on several hundred images. I believe that there is a real chance of developing a diagnostic system with high sensitivity and specificity at the end of 1999. To use this system in daily routine work we have to improve the handling of the system and we have to test difficult cases like amelanotic melanoma. This will probably last 1-2 years. So I believe that a commercially available system will be constructed in 2002.

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