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Re: Poster 134

Xuguang Liu

On Sun Dec 6, Grover wrote
>Dr. Liu: Great presentation.  Hope you have fun at the meetingYou indicate that the patient had severe difficulties in the on-line control of his movements but near-normal control of adaptation of his off-line controlled movements.  It is not clear to me whether the suggestion is that this is so because of the specific regions of the cerebellum which were damaged in this case.  If so what are the specific regions that would differentiate between online and offline controls?
>Dr Grover: Good question. It is difficult to point out which regions inside of the cerebellum that would make the differentiation because both visual and preprioceptive afferents required to adapt had similar distribution in the cerebellar cortex. However, as far as the cerebellar peduncles were concerned, evidences suggested that the damages in the superior and middle peduncles did not affect adaption as much as the injuries in the inferior peduncle through which were mainly the climbing fibres carrying proprioceptive afferent to the cerebellum. In the open-loop condition, adaption would be significantly undermined if the preprioceptive afferent to the cerebellum was inaccurate or too noisy due to damages in the inferior cerebellar peduncles.

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