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Numa Dancause

On Mon Dec 7, Brian Christie wrote
>Very intersting results, however I was wondering if there was any correlation between the time of the CVA and the initial Fugl-Meyer score. Could you suggest alternative methods for those cases in which repetitive movement therapy would seem to be of little value?

> Thank you for your comments. First, we are at the stage of analysing the influences of psychological profiles of our patients. With those results we are going to join the location of the lesion and the time between CVA and initial Fugl-Meyer. So, I can not give you a satisfying answer at the moment but I can assure you that those elements will be taken into consideration in a following paper that we intend to produce. As for alternative therapy I think this is the main question that this data suggest. In fact, my answer most be taken as an opinion and not as scientific evidence. But I would be tempted to suggest a therapy more oriented on control of factors underlying movement production, like the lowering of spasticity, lowering of cocontraction stategies. But, it may be different for every patient. Again, the fact that our work is not finish limits my answer.
Thank you again,
Sincerely ND  

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