Molecular and Cellular Analysis of Dopamine and Serotonin Transporters


Rabi Simantov

Thank you for the kind words; the credit should go primarily to the authors.
I'm sure that all participants of the symposium would agree that this exciting, yet a learning, experience couldn't work at all without the dedication and effort of the president of INABIS 98', Henry Szechtman, and Dr. A. K. Grover.
Thanks to all of you.

On Tue Dec 15, Grover wrote
>We would invite all the participants in joining us in thanking the Chair of this session.


>This is a great symposium and we congratulate you for organizing it.  Given the newness of this meeting style, we are sure you had to work hard to get such a good group of scientists together.  We applaud your success.

>There was a very good discussion in this session.   We are fully aware of the shyness many members have in posing questions and giving answers in this medium.   Several private e-mail questions and answers we received, emphasized this shyness.  We admire the dedication with which you fostered the discussion.

>H. Szechtman and A. K. Grover

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