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Re: Poster 693

James Churchill

On Tue Dec 8, Alexandra E. Sulcova wrote
>Dr. Churchill, some antiepileptics (carbamazepine, valproate) are reported as antidepressive agents. This  activity with less of adverse effects is expected  in new antiepileptics of the  3rd generation (gabapentine, lamotrigine....). Have you got any experience in your model with the behavioural effects of these drugs?

Dr. Sulcova,
We have not (yet) evaluated the compounds you mention in the water maze task, although this project is one that we plan on addressing.  We have several paradigms (such as classical and operant conditioning) that we are currently using to evaluate the behavioral effects of such compounds.  Using a multi-tasked approach to probe for such deficits, we believe that we can better detect subtle and differential differences between compounds.

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