MAOIs: Multiple Effects and Sites of Action

Re: Symposium 472

Rita Raddatz

We have some preliminary data using phenylethylamine,tyramine and serotonin as potential substrates. Although these studies were far from exhaustive, they indicate no change in substrate selectivity in the presence of imidazoline compounds.  We were also very interested in this idea  due to the localization of the imidazoline binding site to a region of MAO-B that suggested an involvement in substrate selectivity.  Since the subpopulation of MAO-B that binds imidazolines with high affinity still needs to be isolated, I feel that these studies remain inconclusive.  

On Tue Dec 8, Beth Levant wrote
>Hi Rita.  Nice presentation.

>Is there any evidence that the I2 ligands might differentially modulate the Km for different MAO-B substrates?

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