Behaviour-Induced Neural Events after Brain Injury

Re: 0844: ischemia vs DA degeneration

Sondra Bland

Dr. Szechtman,

We believe that acute injury, such as that caused by electrolytic lesions or ischemia, makes surrounding/related tissue vulnerable to extreme behavioral demand, due to blood flow and energy demand mismatches. However, behavior is also known to enhance trophic factor expression, and this can be helpful during ongoing slower degeneration such as that associated with Parkinson's disease or animal models of Parkinson's.


On Tue Dec 15, Henry Szechtman wrote
>Dr Bland, very interesting study. do you have some notion regarding possible mechanism(s) that would account for potentiating the deficit in the case of ischemic damage but the opposite for an ongoing neuronal degeneration? is this unique to the DA system? henry

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