What Can Genetic Models Tell Us About Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Re: How do I get to see the latest messages?

Henry Szechtman

On Wed Dec 16, Vivienne Russell wrote
>I have found that the only way to access the latest messages on the discussion board is to post a message. Otherwise, the most recent ones that I can see are the messages that were posted on 14 Dec.
>The amusing part is that I only get to see the latest messages once, briefly after posting my message. It disappeaers when I read  one of the posted comments.

>Am I doing something wrong?
Viv, i see all the postings. don't know the particular trouble you are having. richard hughes went for his holidays, so can't ask him. try hitting "refresh" or "reload page" on your browser - does that help?

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