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470, female athlete triad/anorexia and OCD connection

Monica Williams-Murphy

Aravich and team, welcome to the forum, we certainly hope that you find it enjoyable and the feedback rewarding. I must compliment you on your poster. From my own perspective, being only acquainted with the psycho-social factors associated with this "syndrome", I find myself deeply impressed with the fertile ground that animal modeling seems to offer in terms of understanding this disorder. The burgeoning field of psychoneuroendocrinology will certainly benefit from further elaboration on the behavioral/physiologic/biochemical interfaces that you have clarified with your research.

In light of the connections drawn between Obsessive complusive disorder (OCD) and the triad/anorexia in terms of Serotonin functions, could you critique/elaborate on the studies that found both positive and negative outcomes for treatment with Serotonin reuptake inhibitiors? (could you give special attention to those studies which showed no improvement with SRIs, since this type of evidence presents a challenge to your model?)

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