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Brian Wilson

On Mon Dec 7, Boguslaw Wilk wrote
>Dr. Wilson: I found your study very interesting. Thank you for your contribution. In your pilot study positive exercise response among EIA patients who use Breathe Right Strip was hypothesized . However, only small group (5 out of 12) of EIA patients did improve their exercise response. The subjects in your study (both control and EIA group) represented an age range 12-26 years (children, adolescents and young adults). As you have mentioned in your discussion, children were very enthusiastic about wearing the nasal strip versus using inhaler. I am wandering whether those 5 EIA patients who improved exercise responses were children. If so, could it suggest that the positive response was more related to psychological and behavioral than physiological mechanisms? Whom are you going to test in your main study?
Three of the 5 subjects showing improvement were under 16 yrs. Since submission of this paper we have completed a data set with 26 University students.  They showed a sig improvement in EIA for Placebo and Breathe Right vs control but ns difference between Placebo and Breathe Right, even though the % improvement was higher with breathe right.  This does support a strong psycological effect.  We are currently involved in a study concentrating on children, especially those who show a significant shift in exercise ventilation during breathe right trials.
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