Immunology & Immunological Disorders Poster Session

Poster 456


Dr. Fagan: Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster.Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster. I am intrigued by the composition of your PBS-azide. followed by a wash with PBS-azide: 0.01 M sodium phosphate and 0.015 M sodium chloride, containing 0.01g/ml of sodium azide, pH 7.4, at 4o C).  First this is hypotonic and would it not swell the cells.  Second, I understood that azide would inhibit any mitochondrial activity of the cell.  Anyways, I was intrigued by the effect of K-oxalate.  What sort of concentration of K-oxalate did you use?  I would expect high concentrations of this agent to produce cell depolarization and hence cell activation.
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