Novel Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms in Allergic Inflammation

Re: Glucocorticoids and asthma

Robert Schleimer

Dear Ana:  Please see my response to Judah Denburg.  I believe that ICS have proven to be very safe.  They have been used now for decades and no long term new toxicities have been noted.  Clearly, osteoporosis and growth retardation (note this is retardation, as eventual statural height is nearly the same in most studies of ICS that are of adequate duration) are of some concern in selected patients.  On balance, long term use of these drugs appears to be well tolerated.  Remember that the adrenal gland in the average adult produces about 30 mg of cortisol per day.  This is the equivalent of about 6 mg of prednisone.  The human body is designed to function with endogenous occupancy of glucocorticoid receptors.  Thank you for your comments.  Bob
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