Signal Transduction in Endothelium: Mechano-Sensing, Ion Channels and Intracellular Calcium

Re^2: symposium 377

Klaus groschner

On Wed Dec 9, Bernd Nilius wrote
>On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>>Dr. Graier:  Fascinating results.  Hope you are having fun at the meeting. This model would require that ryanodine receptor containing SR, Na-Ca exchanger and eNOS all be in close proximity.  There have been suggestions that cavolae may contain all these components.  What is your opinion of these suggestions?
>Has anybody seen or reported on the existence of Na/Ca exchangers in caveolae? This would be very interesting. There are still open questions about the Na/Ca exchanger (which type ??) in endothelium.

As to the existence of NCX isoforms in the endothelium, strong evidence for  expression of NCX proteins - splicing isoforms of NCX1 (NCX1.7 and NCX1.3) in endothelial cells  has been provided by Ken Philipsons group  - Quednau et al. (1997; AJP 272:C1250) and also by Juhascova et al. (1994; AJP 266: C234). The subcellular localization of endothelial NCX1 is, however, still unclear!  

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