Cerebral Artery Pharmacology and Physiology

To Dr. John Zhang


Dear Dr. Zhang:

Excellent job! Very good work on the P2 receptors and their signal transduction pathway in the cerebral artery. I am especially impressed by your good skill to isolate single smooth muscle cells with high quality from the rat basilar artery. I have been trying to isolate cerebral SMC for ion channels study by patch clamp and found it was hard to get good cerebral SMC. Is there any information concerning the stimulation of P2 receptors and ion channels in cerebral artery? From your work,it seems that many kinds of calcium channels may be involved in the stimulation of P2 receptors. Thus, the investigation using patch clamp may give a clear answer. By the way, if you can show some figures in your presentation, it would be better.

Dr Hui Dong

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