Stroke/Cerebral Vasospasm

Re: Loch Macdonald

Marilyn J. Cipolla

On Mon Dec 7, John Zhang wrote
>Enjoyed reading your paper! The traditional etiological concept of cerebral vasospasm is something released from either blood clot or from vessel wall and those released spasmogens caused the prolonged contraction. However, none of those spasmogens can survive two to three weeks of time. As you have shown that cerebral vasospasm can be prevented by removal of blood clot on day three. Thus, ATP disappeared within one day and hemoglobin persisted above 7 days. None of them seems truely related to the time course of vasospasm. We may need to look for "secondary spasmogens" or the gene regulation induced by the first generation of spasmogens. One place people may not looking is the real blood inside vessel.

Is there any evidence that the "spasmogen" may be inactivating an inhibitor (e.g., inhibition of a vasodilator)?

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