Stroke/Cerebral Vasospasm

Re^2: Spasmogens and cerebral vasospasm

Marilyn J. Cipolla

On Thu Dec 10, R Loch Macdonald wrote
>On Mon Dec 7, Marilyn J. Cipolla wrote
>I don't know why cultured cells don't mimic the situation in vivo.  There are numerous reasons - perivascular nerves, other cells in vivo,  brain interactions, the differences between cultured and in vivo smooth muscle cells, etc.  Part of my point is that we need to study more in vivo aspects of vasospasm because there is no model in vitro that is like vasospasm

You are correct in that studying the in vivo situation seems paramount, although I wouldn't give up on in vitro techniques for certain things.  This may be a reflection of how complex and interacting the problem of vasospasm is.
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