Stroke/Cerebral Vasospasm

Evidence for VIP and NO as dual neurotransmitters in cerebral arteries

Marilyn J. Cipolla

This is an important study that demonstrates the global involvement of NO in cerebral arteries, both intraluminally (endothelial) and now  extraluminally (perivascular neuronal).  I have always suspected neuronal NO to be important in these arteries and it has been shown nicely in this study.  Could you tell me how specific is the neuronal NO inhibitor that you used?  Also, basal NO release by cerebral arteries antagonizes the substantial tone in these vessels, as demonstrated by the 30-40% contraction in the presence of L-NNA.  However, this is a rather non-specific NO inhibitor. Do you know the contribution of neuronal vs. endothelial NO to basal NO release in cerebral arteries?
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