Hypertension III: Flow-Induced Vascular Remodeling

Endothelial-dysfunction and remodeling

Jo De Mey

Dear Dr Tuttle,

In your presentation you describe that SHR display blunted flow-induced mesenteric collateral artery remodeling. These animals are known to display also an impaired flow-induced dilatation. The question now arises whether impaired remodeling is a direct consequence of endothelial-dysfunction or the result of modified local hemodynamics. The contribution of Debbie Ceiler and myself to this symposium demonstrates that pharmacologically-induced endothelial dysfunction (chronic L-NAME) persistently blocks shunting of blood flow through the collateral channels. These findings favor a hemodynamic hypothesis (remodeling would not occur because the flow does not go up).
What were the flows in your SHR experiment?

Kindest regards,

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