Hypertension III: Flow-Induced Vascular Remodeling

symposium 894



On Thu Dec 10, Donna Wang wrote
>On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>>Dr.Wang: Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster.Were there any changes in the skeletal muscle type that occurred in your experiments.  The muscle redifferentiation and/or necrosis may produce factors which may also affect the artery.
>Dr. Grover: Thank you for your comments.  We did not examine if the change of the phenotype or necrosis of the sketetal muscle occured.  However, this seems unlikely because reduced blood flow to the cremaster muscle was due to reduced work demand of the muscle but not due to disturbing the perfusion capability of the feeding artery to the cremaster muscle.  Thus, blood supply to the cremaster muscle was proportional to the demand of the muscle.

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