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Nikolay P Nikitin

On Mon Dec 14, Prof. Peter Smith wrote
>On Tue Dec 8, Nikolay P Nikitin wrote
>>Dr. Hillier: I found your data very interesting. However, donít you think that the study is not powered enough to make conclusions on accuracy of the method in clinical practice? Thank you.

>Dear Nikolay
>I am the author of this paper. The tests we have performed of this method are necessarily abstract and technical to allow a quantitative analysis of the artefact reduction method. I am sure you appreciate that. We have also performed exercise tests in a clinical setting by using an ECG as a gold-standard indicator. The results always showed an improved signal to noise with the artefact reduced PPG.

>Since Nellcor already use the artefact recognition method in clinical practice our suggestion is that, with the additional use of our method for artefact reduction, the number of occasions when artefact suppression (following recognition) is required, will be reduced. Furthermore the errors associated with small (and therefore undetected) artefact can also be explored by our method. We hope that this approach can improve confidence in the use of pulse oximetry during episodes of mild artefact (to my knowledge a totally unexplored area)

>please reply if I can be of any further help
>many thanks for your comments


Dear Professor Smith

Thank you for your message. When speaking of your study I meant its statistical power (i.e. limited number of studied subjects). The design of the study is perfect. Best wishes.

Nikolay Nikitin

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