Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

Re: Dr. Ledingham (0745)

Janet Ledingham

On Fri Dec 11, M.J. Mulvany wrote

>Thank you for a nice paper.  You suggest that enalapril and losartan are more effective than felodipine in causing regression of vascular structure.  Is this statistically significant.  I.e. if you plot media:lumen against blood pressure, are the points statistically separate?  This may be complicated, since it seemed that there were some differences between your control animals.

>Michael Mulvany

Thanks Mike

I have not as yet analysed the differencs between the slopes of the media:lumen BP plots which I presume is what you mean; I will do it in the next 24 hrs and get back with the results.

The differences between the felodipine group controls and the other control groups is awkward from that point of view as you say, but, as I have said to Bob we do get differences from time to time for no apparent reason. However there is always an increased media in GH and no difference in lumen diameter beteen GH and N whatever the numbers. Body weight is not a factor.

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