Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

Re: Dr. Ledingham (0745)

Janet Ledingham

On Wed Dec 9, Robert M.K.W. Lee wrote
>1.  In your Table 2 and 3, it appeared that there was a significant difference in lumen diameter in the two N control groups (320 vs 258 um).  Similarly, Media volume in the GH control in Table 2 (14874 um3/um) was different from that in the GH control in Table 3 (11302).  Can you explain why?

We do have differences between control groups from time to time; the constant finding is the structural differences between GH and N, i.e, raised media width and volume in GH and no differences in lumen. The only difference between these control groups and the other is that felodipine is given mixed with the diet so all the felodipine experimental groups had a remixed diet compared with the other groups. The body weights were the same as those in the other control groups and were not affected by treatment.
>2.  In your calculation of mean SM cell volume in Table 4, did you take into account the intercellular space in the media?

Yes we did. I determined the % of the media that was smooth muscle as opposed to extracellular space and this figure was used in the cell volume calculation.

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