Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

Re: Dr. Struijker-Boudier (0662)


On Wed Dec 9, Robert M.K.W. Lee wrote
>In your model, have you tried to inject vasoactive substances into the egg, to see how they can affect arteriolar growth?  I think this is a perfect model to study factors which control vascular rarefaction.

>The model is indeed very well suited to study drug effects on arteriolar growth. In the past we have analyzed the effects of drugs acting on the renin angiotensin system and thereby established an angiogenic role for Ang II via a non-AT1, non-AT2 receptor subtype. References to this work: LeNoble et al.: AmJPhysiol. 264:R460-R465,1993 and J Vasc Res. 33: 480-488,1996.

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