Hypertension I: Structure of Small Arteries in Hypertension

Re: To D. Taben H Hale

Taben Hale

On Fri Dec 11, Damiano Rizzoni wrote
>Very interesting presentation !
>Did you expect a differece in the regression of vascular structural alterations between losartan and enalapril ? (the selective blockers of angiotensin II receptors claim to induce a more through block of the RA system and to take advantage of the stimulation of AT2 receptors)

I have never found a difference between enalapril and losartan in either the vascular structural regression, or the LV/BW.  I know in the data presented here it may look like there was some trend toward differences between the two drugs, however I have performed several more experiments since, and the std deviations are lower and the difference between the two groups is less (however there is still an 11% reduction for each treatment compared to control).  I did not expect a difference due to previous chronic blood pressure studies that have been performed in our lab showing similar results.

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