Hypertension II: Hypertension and Vascular Control

Re: Dr. J. Falcone (0356) Endothelin modulation of arteriolar tone

Jeff C. Falcone

On Thu Dec 10, Robert M.K.W. Lee wrote
>Your results seemed to show that there was no impairment of endothelial cell functions in the arterioles from the SHR as compared with WKY.  Am I right?

Dr. Lee,
The results as displayed would confirm your statement regarding no impairment of
vasodilator response in the SHR.  However, we have not completed a complete
dose-response relatioship for either Ach or Adn.  The doses we have reported on are the
optimal maximal dose typically used to induce either endothelium-dependent (Ach) or
EC-Indepenent (Adn) dilation.  We have also published data that demonstrates that at
this level of vessel (first-order) feed arteriole, the wall structure is not different between
the strains.

Jeff C. Falcone

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