SERCA-Type of Calcium Pumps and Phospholamban



Dr. Leonard:
 Another way to look at it may be that SERCA3 control occurs mainly in an area where it is not advantageious to reach a very low Ca concentration.

On Mon Dec 14, Leonard DODE wrote
>On Sat Dec 12, grover wrote
>>  Thanx for the response. I have considered the PMCA pumps more for cell survival and SERCA pumps more for signal transduction (Grover 1985, Cell Calcium). What do you think of that idea?

>>Dear dr. Grover,
>Indeed, the general idea is that SERCA pumps are required for the termination of the transient calcium signal after cell stimulation together with the concerted action of PMCA pumps and/or sodium-calcium exchanger. But, let's not forget that SERCA1, SERCA2, and PMCA display high affinities for calcium and in normal condition this might be sufficient for a cell to survive the transitory increases in cytosolic calcium concentration. What about SERCA3 with its low calcium affinity? It appears it would function at 'abnormal' high calcium concentration. That's why I suggested it might be a benefit for a cell to express SERCA3 in order to overcome accidental or/and induced cytosolic calcium increases.

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