Iron Transport

Re^2: symposium 240


Dr. Trinder: Thanx for the lucid answer. Cheers.
On Tue Dec 8, Deborah Trinder wrote
>On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>>Dr. Trinder: I am glad to see your nice presentation and hope you enjoy the meeting.  Am I correct in understanding that these antibodies do not react with rat Nramp-1?  Have antibodies against rat Nramp-1 been raised before?
>>Dr Grover, Nramp1 is only expressed in macrophages. Using the Nramp2 antibody, we did not see any staining of macrophages in the duodenum or liver indicating that the Nramp2 antibody does not cross-react with Nramp1 protein.
>Antibodies raised against mouse Nramp1 have been reported previously.


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