Cell Biology Poster Session

Regarding Poster 0787

Jeffrey Evans

This is in reply to Stephen Brooks comments.  The PEAA polymer attaches to our DNA probes by attachment of a primary alkyamine group to the carboxylate groups on the polymer creating an amide bond.  This attachment reaction was catalyzed by a water-soluble carbodiimide.  This is described in more detail by our research group in poster #0791 in this same session.
We have measured non-specific binding of protein to the PEAA polymer by the quartz crystal microbalance.  We found that protein does stick to some extent.  Presumably positive charged side chains are forming electrostatic bonds to the carboxylate groups. It is possible that changing our ionic strength of our buffer may decrease this non-specific binding. This has not been throughly investigated yet.  If all the carboxylate groups on the polymer have reacted with DNA or small chemical blocking agents then protein may not stick unless it is specific for binding DNA.
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