Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing

To Dr.Masanori Hosokawa

Keiichi Higuchi

Thank you very much for excellent review of SAM mice.
As I mentioned in overview, we are far from the establishment of a general concept, which explains the aging process of higher organisms such as human and mice.@I will agree that SAM is a unique model to study aging phenomena. So we really want to know the genes, which are responsible for short life span of SAM mice. To find out these genes, I think it is crucial to determine the definite phenotypes, which represent well the aging of SAM. I think the distinctions between aging and senescence, accelerated and pre-mature senescence, physiological and pathological senescence, age-related and age-dependent disease, are not so important.  Hyperoxidative status of SAMP mice are very impressive idea.  Again, we should select a appropriate trait of hyperoxidative status to do genetic analyses.

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