Molecular Mechanisms of Ageing

To Dr. Johnson at I.B.G. University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Masayuki Mori

I think that discovery of the tkr-1 as a gerontogene is an epocal event.
You mention that the transgenic worms with tkr-1 become "Age" phenotype.I wonder how many tkr-1 transgene is required to make the animals "Age" phenotype.
I understand the difference of the tkr-1 from other gerontogenes is that it is upregulated  after exposure to stress.  Does it mean that the tkr-1 remains silent untill the animals are exposed to stress?
If it is the case, I would expect that the transgenic worms with tkr-1 would be dominant over wild type animals in natural conditions, because the animals would not have a fitness cost.
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