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On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>Dr. Leygue: Hope you are enjoying the meeting.  Great poster.I am not familiar with the ER literature.  What are differences in the coupling between the receptors which are found to increase in breast cancer cells, those which decrease and those which remain unaltered?
Dear Dr Grover, thank you for stopping by our poster. I am not sure I fully understanding the meaning of "coupling between the receptors". As mentioned in the text, ER-D5 and ER-d7 have been shown to have constitutive transcriptional action and inhibiting activity on ER-a wild-type, respectively. ER-D5 and ER-D7 are both missing a strong dimerization domain of the wild-type receptor and therefore these truncated variant cannot heterodimerize with each other (if by coupling you meant heterodimerization?). I invite you to have a look on the reference number 1. of our poster (Murphy LC, Leygue E, Dotzlaw H, Douglas D, Coutts A, Watson PH. 1997 Oestrogen receptor variants and mutations in human breast cancer. Ann Med 29:221-234.), that fully details the demonstrated functional features of all ER-alpha variants identified to date.
Thank you again for your interest,
Sincerily yours
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