Experience with Use of Telemedicine to Extend Medical Education

Re: poster 777

Larry Porres

Dear Dr. Grover,
Thanks for your comments. First of all I would like to point out that my degree is not a Ph.D., it is an M.P.H.
I understand your concern on accessing data on the Internet as different sources may provide inaccurate data. The main purpose of this access is usually to retrieve mapping data such as soil type, location of wetlands, population distribution, etc. This information is usually provided by state or federal agencies, therefore we could think, with caveats, that the information is accurate. In any case, it is always recommendable to review the data and compare it to measurements performed by oneself to make sure that the information is accurate. Other types of information ideally should be made by the investigating group and, if possible, compared to state/national data if available, i.e. meteorological data, disease incidence, presence of groundwater contamination, air pollutant emissions, etc.
I personally do not know of any "interest generated data" sources on the WWW, but if they were available I would be cautious when deciding if it would be accurate or not as I would not be able to assure that the data recollection, analysis, etc followed proper QA/QC, in which case I would not make use of it in GIS analysis.

I take this opportunity to thank you and everyone who has organized and/or participated in this successful congress and look forward to the next virtual meeting.
Larry Porres, MPH.

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