Integrated Telematic Services and Communication Through Scientific IRC: Virtual User Communities of Biomedicine in UNInet

Re^3: Symposium 209


On Mon Dec 7, grover wrote
>Dr. Coma del Corral:  The issue that I am raising is that the converted can not impartially evaluate the success or failure of an experiment unless criteria for this are defined at the outset.  What is the evidence that this mode of communication has produced anything meaningful.  How do we define it and how do we measure it?
>On Mon Dec 7, Maria Jesus Coma wrote
>>On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>>>Dr. Coma del Corral: Great presentation.  Hope you have fun at the meeting.  The problem I have is that I don't know whether UniNet is simply a toy for the few who like it or it is a real experiment in communication.  If it is the latter, I would have liked to see who, when and how are going to analyze any data resulting from it.
>>Dear Dr. Grover
>>I think you wanted to say: “Internet/IRC is a simple tool", and not “UniNet is a simple toy”.
>>We have successful hold scientific conferences, presentations, congresses, discussions, and workshops in UniNet.  And we have learnt that the most important isn't the tool, but the high quality of  the scientific work that UniNet is helping to communicate.
>>María Jesús Coma

>Dear Doctor Grove: 
my English is not very good, bud I will try to say something to him. In the last communication of the symposium of the Dra. Coma, we have worked on two questions, in our opinion, fundamentals. A first new one estandar to make more insurance the IRC in the transmission of the clinical information. Second it is a proposal of international legislation, on the form to make medical records. We  thinking that are a form to protect so much to the medical professional as far as the due confidentiality, like a the patients. And this has to do with the concept of the property of it .Me would please to know its opinion on the matter. Thanks for its attention. Dra. Nora Chaponick

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