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Aimee - Thanx for the response - akg
On Thu Dec 10, Aimee Nelson wrote
>On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>>Dr. Nelson:  Great presentation.  Hope you have fun at the meeting.Why did you choose the sural nerve?  Would you have expected the same result if you had picked a different nerve to stiumulate?

>Thank you for your comment.  We have also looked at practice effects in the tibial (proprioceptive) pathway.  By stimulation of the tibial nerve at the popliteal fossa we observed a depression of the primary and seconday SEP potential after practice. Accuracy continued to increase. We have also investigated the effects of task predictability on the gain of the sural and tibial pathways and found a similar depression with increased task predictability.  You can find our abstract in the Society for Neuroscience abstract volume 2, page 1662.  Feel free to reply.

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