Perspectives on Behavioural Function of Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens

Re^2: Breadth mint or candy? What is reinforcement???

Henry Szechtman

On Wed Dec 16, John Salamone wrote
DA reward hypothesis has had an unhealthy effect on that area. We certainly have learned alot about drug abuse based upon this first generation of research, but it is probably time to move on.
Well John, you make a number of important points regarding the necessity to reconceptualize the role of Nacc DA in behavior; if i understand it right, i think you are even surprised that the field is reluctant to explore alternatives.  If a reluctance exists, it is understandable however. It has taken many years for the anhedonia idea to become an "established" one.  it will be replaced when there is an equally powerful framework to make complicated phenomena appear "simple".
Maybe we can hear from the other participants as well?

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