Behavioural Neuroscience Poster Session

Poster 577

Peter M. Liebmann

This is a very interesting study. Actually I have a number of questions: I) Is there anything known on effects of mPFC lesions on neurotransmitter turnover and/or neural activity within the NAS or the VAT and II) do the different mPFC areas differ in the neurotansmitter and/or receptor profile? With other words: do you affect not only anatomically but also physiologically distinct areas, which might even explain the distinct effects of different drugs? III) Do these lesions affect the blood-brain-barrier in a way that the drugs you administer may have direct access to mPFC structures? And finally, IV) why did you choose CPP as test parameter? Isn't the testing of voluntary self administration in rats easier, better established, and more to the point for quantifying the rewarding effects of drugs? Best thanks in advance.

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