Neuronal Histamine Systems and Behavior

About histamine and circadian rhythms (Dr. Tuomisto)

Edgardo O. Alvarez

Reading your interesting presentation, I would like to comment to you that we found that local application of histamine (HA) into the hippocampal neurons produced an inhibition of the locomotor activity in the rat. Also, I remembered that some time ago we used tele-methyl-histamine (tele-MHA) in a series of experiments of hippocampus and exploratory behavior in rats. In that time we incorporated tele-MHA as "the perfect" control for assessing the histamine action on hippocampal neurons. We found that the metabolite of HA had a facilitatory effect on several behavioral parameters related to exploration. This was a very surprising finding for us since we expected a lack of any behavioral effect. I would like to ask to Dr. Tuomisto about the electrophysiological characteristics of tele-MHA on neurons, particularly the hippocampal neurons.
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