Neuronal Histamine Systems and Behavior


Ruediger Hasenoehrl

Dear Kazuhiko,
Hope you enjoy our meeting! I have the following questions: there is evidence that fear-parameters are increased by excessive 5-HT and decreased by a reduction of 5-HT activity. From your findings one would expect that mutant mice should be more anxious than the wild type - did you compare wild and mutants in anxiety-tests like the elevated plus-maze or the social interaction test? Furthermore, you report that, in the wild-type, d-chlorpheniramine can enhance 5-HT release. This seems contrary (to the statement above and) to our behavioral findings showing that the H1 antagonist (intra-NBM injection in rats) exerts anxiolytic-like effects. Any ideas about this? Yours
Ruediger Hasenoehrl  

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