Neural Mechanism of Mammalian Vocalization

comment on Dr. White et al. presentation

S.M. Brudzynski

Dr. White,
I ejoyed reading your and your co-authors presentation which is organizing and reviewing the subject in a very informative way. It is important to realize that, among other behavioural manifestations, rodent vocalization has also a regulatory influence on the production of calls themselves by their conspecifics. This behavioural regulatory mechanism is nicely reviewed in your presentation.
I would like to ask you about calls with acoustic parameters of 100 ms or more and sound frequency of approx. 35 kHz, emitted by rats in the pre-ejaculatory situation. Based on your behavioural experiments, do you regard these calls as a separate category, different from 50 kHz and 22 kHz calls, or as a low end of the 50 kHz call range?
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