Neural Mechanism of Mammalian Vocalization

Comment to Dr. Jurgens presentation

G. Holstege

Dear Uwe,
Your finding on the cell group close to the superior olive in the monkey is very interesting. Please note that a long time ago (1983) I have found in the cat from that same area a contralateral projection to the dorsal group of the nucleus ambiguus (pharynx and soft palate and perhaps larynx motoneurons) as well as to the motoneurons of the mouth openers in the motor trigeminal nucleus and the geniohyoid motoneurons in the hypoglossal nucleus. I have always thought that it might have something to do with swallowing, but perhaps it is involved in vocalization also. This same area receives a great many afferents from the PAG, so who knows?
See my paper: G. Holstege et al. (1983) Location of motoneurons ........reticular formation. Brain Beh. Evol. 23: 47-62
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