Cytokines, Monoamines and Behavior

Re: symposium 321


Thank you for your questions.  We did not notice any significant behavioral differences in the rats given either sense or antisense to the IL-1RI.  The difference occurred when the rats where challenged with IL-1.

The second question is an interesting one.  The effect of IL-1beta on the calcium channel is indirect through protein kinase C and via IL-1RI since IL-1 receptor antagonist completely blocks IL-1beta-induced modulation of the calcium channel currents.  We have data that suggest the involvement of the L-type calcium channel.  Carlos

On Fri Dec 4, grover wrote
>Dr. Plata-Salaman: I am glad to see your nice presentation and hope you enjoy the meeting. Two quick questions.  First, what is the effect of antisense-IL-1R in the rats not given IL-1b?  Second, is the effect of IL-1 directly on Ca-channel?  Do you know which channel and at what site?  That would be rather interesting.

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