Basic Level Posters

Health Physics implements "Basic Level Safe Work Practices" Posters to our Basic Level rooms. The purpose of this poster is to give users an updated message about safe practices in a Basic Level Laboratory.

When your poster is updated, please read it thoroughly to ensure that you know the newest Safe Work Practices.

Please take note of the similarities and differences between the two posters shown below. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Health Physics

Document Characteristic New Poster Old Poster
Regulator CNSC AECB
Declaration of Lab Classification Clear statement explaining the classification of the lab level for the use of unsealed nuclear substances No explanation of classification. Direct shift to General Safety Rules without introduction.
Safe Work Practices List Condensed, specific Safe Work Practices common to ALL Basic Level Labs. There are six practices in total. Four of these are taken directly from the older version, one has been reduced from two previous practices, and one is completely new (inspecting packages upon receipt). A long list of "rules" that may or may not pertain to each individual lab. Twenty total rules in all, many extraneous for some labs.
Details of the conditions for "Basic Level" Classification Brief summary of updated guidelines for basic level classification: handling of an unsealed nuclear substance of more than one exemption quantity, but less than five times the corresponding annual limit of intake. Brief outline of the acceptable handling limits for Basic Labs according to the outdated regulations, referencing scheduled quantities as the standards establishing limits.
Miscellaneous Changes in Wording

Use of term "Room" instead of "Laboratory"


•  Use of term "Nuclear Substance".

•  e.g. "spill or incident involving a nuclear substance"


•  Use of term "Protective Clothing and Equipment"

•  Use of term "Laboratory" for all rooms categorized as basic level


•  Use of term "Radioactive Material", "Radioisotopes", etc

•  e.g. "radioactive spill or incident"


•  Use of terms "Laboratory Coat" and "Protective Gloves"


•  Blue

•  Larger Font

•  Smaller list of safe work practices contributes to a look that is less cluttered

•  Orange

•  Smaller Font

•  Long list of safe work practices overwhelms the poster with words

In general, the poster offers a synopsis of the important safe work practices that is easy to read. The poster displays work practices relevant to all Basic Level Rooms. The layout of the poster lends itself to being read regularly, rather than the bombardment of rules offered by its predecessor.