Health Physics is responsible for:

  1. Implementing the HPAC's radiation protection program.
  2. Supervising the University's common radioisotope laboratories and storage facilities.
  3. Providing such services as may be required for radiation protection and compliance with government regulations. These services include but are not restricted to the following:

    1. registration and instruction of workers;
    2. prescribing medical examinations upon the advice of the Medical Consultant to the HPAC;
    3. provision of external monitoring devices;
    4. radioisotope laboratory inspections, radiation surveys, and area monitoring;
    5. radioactive waste collection and disposal;
    6. calibration and short-term loan of radiation protection instruments;
    7. environmental monitoring;
    8. leak testing of sealed radioactive sources;
    9. maintenance of records of radioactive sources and materials received by authorized projects;
    10. maintenance of radiation protection records;
    11. provision of bioassay services.