Volume 3, Issue 1 - November 2000

Message from the artistic director
Introduction from the Co-Editors/Administrative Assistants
McMaster Dancers
McMaster Hip Hop Dance Company
McMaster Interdisciplinary Performance Group
Dance In Schools
Dance Classes
University Courses
Hamilton Dance Company
McMaster Dance Club
Famous Dance Quotes

Message from the artistic director

Dear Dance Friends ...

Welcome to our first newsletter for quite a while! In the upheaval of staff turnover and moving from our old studio to the new studio, some projects were put on hold. Finally, with a sense of stability returned we venture again into information sharing. There is so much dance activity at Mac it's incredible. The Centre for Dance has taken the initiative to co-ordinate, support and develop as many aspects as possible. We also have a website (www.mcmaster.ca/dance) that lists much information. My two assistants, Valerie Steep and Sonny Ingram have proved to be invaluable over this semester. We offer 30 courses, as listed in the Recreation brochure, employ 20 teachers and teach 500 dance students. There are three dance companies on campus - McMaster Dancers (Modern), Hip Hop Dance Company, and the Interdisciplinary Performance Group. There is an end of term dance production each term. We also have many teens training with us. Some of them will perform or compete for McMaster. Hip Hop Beginners has a dozen 12-year olds. Our Break Dance teachers also have a performing group, the Mac-B Crew, the Pulse fitness intructors have a hip hop company Impulse, and the Hamilton Dance Company also train at Mac. The McMaster Dance Club has 80 members and they have a show in January. I could write many more pages but will end this note by wishing you a happy holiday, good luck with exams, and I hope to see you all in the New Year.

Introduction from the Co-Editors/Administrative Assistants

Dance is a wonderful creative outlet and form of self-expression, it is terrific exercise and maybe most important of all, it is great fun! The McMaster Centre for Dance is a place for anyone interested in dance. There are a wide variety of programs, classes, shows and great people! We encourage everyone to come out. Hopefully this newsletter can help express all that is here. Please take a moment and read about the incredible things that are happening at Mac! Thank you very much and we'll see you on the dance floor!

Sonny Ingram
Sonny is in the process of completing a second degree in Labour Studies. He is thrilled to have a chance to work with such a fantastic group of people at the McMaster Centre for Dance and explore a new creative outlet. He is fascinated by the relationship between the spirit and the body. "This is a very exciting place and I feel very fortunate to be involved!"

Valerie Steep
Valerie is a fourth year Kinesiology student. She has enjoyed the unique experience of Professor Wilson's Body, Mind and Spirit class (KIN 3SS3) and anticipates his Dance Performance class (KIN 3T03) next semester. Valerie has also met incredible dancers and magnificent teachers and looks forward to meeting all you dance enthusiasts!

Please feel free to come by the dance office 230/C in the Rose Hill Dance Studio or contact us:

Tel: (905) 525-9140 x23878
Fax: (905) 523-6011
E-mail: dance@mcmaster.ca
Website: www.mcmaster.ca/dance

McMaster Dancers

The company have settled into classes and rehearsals since the September audition. Presently there are seven returning dancers and seven new dancers building dance pieces for the December 2/3 production Amalgam.
Returning Dancers: Trish Caluag, Meghann Clark, Heather Finn, Cheryl Glazebrook, Debbie Heard, Tomiko Robson, Kelly Vanderboom
New Dancers: Anne-Marie Cayer, Laura Davies, Sarah Hamilton, Jen Holmes, Alyn Losier, Jena McGill, and Katie Smith.

Amalgam - Dec 2/3
The Centre for Dance are producing their end-of-year show, Amalgam, Saturday/Sunday December2/3 in Robinson Memorial Theatre, Chester New Hall at 8:00 PM. The show will include 10 Modern pieces by McMaster Dancers, 4 Hip Hop pieces by McMaster Hip Hop Dance Company as well as a ballet piece by the Inner City Ballet. The Mac Dancers will premiere its three dances that will be performed in Illinois in March, as part of the American College Dance Festival. The Hip Hop Company (formed in September), will be presenting its first ever choreography

Americann College Dance Festival
The Mac Dancers are busy working on three dances (2 adjudicated; 1 informal) for the American College Dance Festival at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), March 9-12. The professional piece is by Jennifer Johnson (alumni). The student piece is by Tomiko Robson, with student Debbie Heard creating the Informal piece.

Read about the McMaster Dancers in the latest issue of Incite, a campus arts and literacy paper. The article talks about the history and philosophy behind the company.

McMaster Hip Hop Dance Company

New this year, our company consists of the following dancers: Melissa Butler, Jennifer Deadman, Laicie Lauffman, David Ng, Jen Ng, Gillian Shadlyn, Anjali Sivan, Lindsay Smith, Natalie Van Dine, Bill Whitman. The company are preparing 4 pieces for the Amalgam production.

McMaster Interdisciplinary Performance Group

Our new performance group have been experimenting and rehearsing through the Fall and are working towards a Spring performance. Current members are: Lauren Majowicz, Nadine Inaj and Sue Marsh. Their interests are dance, theatre, music and poetry, combined with the exploration of social and political issues.

Dance In Schools

St. Mary's High School
The Centre for Dance were invited into St Mary's High School to teach dance to approximately 50 Grade 12 students - male and female. Our Swing dance teachers Sarah Wilkinson and Sean Buchner taught three mornings (8.15-9.15 !!) and Hip Hop Company members Jen Ng and Jen Deadman (aka Jen & Jen) taught two mornings. We have been asked back in the new year to do more.

Columbia College
The Centre for Dance recently set up a dance program at Columbia International College in Hamilton. The school was established in 1979 as a private Ontario high school which caters to international students. Along with academics, the college prides itself on promoting the "healthy growth of mind, body and spirit" as well as "positive individual growth". The McMaster Centre for Dance is proud to be a part of this physical, social and emotional growth.

The classes serve the extra-mural needs of students. Presently we offer three styles of dance - Ballet, Break and Hip Hop. The teachers respectively are: Cheryl Glazebrook, Troy Feldman and Jen Deadman.

The McMaster Centre for Dance will participate in the end of term arts showcase at Columbia College, Friday December 1. Both our teachers and their students will be performing dances. Ballet, Break and Hip Hop will be performed, highlighting the class routines worked on during the term. The McMaster Dancers will also be performing a Modern Dance piece.

Dance Classes

Upcoming - January Classes
The Centre for Dance will be offering 30 recreational dance classes beginning January 14 in the Rose Hill Dance Studio, Ivor Wynne Centre. Registration begins December 11. Register with the Department of Recreation, Rm 220, Ivor Wynne Centre or call x24464. For further information on classes call x23878.

Tap Dance Class
We will be offering an Intermediate Tap class starting in January. Day/Time TBA.

Classes Cancelled
In January, both Indian Dance and Dance & Drumming will be cancelled due to insufficient registration numbers in Term 1.


This Fall we have held a very successful series of workshops led by Kate Alton, Barbara Glazar - Modern, and Tia Mathieson, Lesley Scott - Jazz. Look for more workshops in the new year.

University Courses

Besides acting as the Artistic Director of McMaster Centre For Dance, Dave Wilson is also an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at McMaster University. The Department of Kinesiology offers a variety of dance related courses for credit towards a degree in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology 3JJ3 – History of Modern Dance

This course surveys various trends in modern dance including modern dance forerunners, pioneers, second generation, post-moderns, and new dance.

" This course gave me a very broad outlook on dance that I was not previously exposed to. I learned what is necessary to make a successful production; the collaboration of music, lights, choreography, dancers and back stage work. This is a great course for anyone interested in human movement. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Marsha Montgomery, Kinesiology '01

Kinesiology 3T03 – Dance Performance

This is a 65 hour studio course for students with previous dance experience. Students explore creative modern dance and work towards the creation of a solo and group performances. There is a strong focus on peer teaching and evaluation. This studio course supports the new direction of Experiential Education that McMaster is taking; it provides alternate learning methods for students. Students will also be asked to keep a journal and review at least one show. Last year the course had an enrolment of 14 students. Offered January 2001.

Kinesiology 3SS3 – Body, Mind, Spirit

This course explores the relationship between body, mind and spirit from the standpoint of eastern and western religious and philosophical thought with special reference to current perspectives on human potential.

"Anyone who wants to understand themselves and the synergy between your spirit and body would enjoy this course. A really unique and creative course!"
Marsha Montgomery, Kinesiology '01

Kinesiology 4JJ3 – Dance in Contemporary Society

This course is a survey of various topics pertaining to the dance industry and the lifestyles of dancers in contemporary society. Content includes dance careers, administration, production, technology, education, health and special populations. Offered January 2002.

Hamilton Dance Company

Performance - 8:08 Series
The Hamilton Dance Company performed Dave Wilson's It's In Your Face at the 8:08 Series in Toronto at the Central YMCA on September 30th. The audience traditionally give written feedback to each of the choreographers presenting. This helps with the development of the works-in-progress dances. The dancers were: Alina Ciavarella, Marcia Dysart, Debbie Heard, Shan Pittman, Tomiko Robson, Heather Roy. Music by Brian D'Oliveira, Costumes by Will Leskevich. Here are some comments:
'Great movements - very interesting, very dynamic'
'The dance was well structured and danced'
'Lovely choreography and great dancers'
'Easy to watch because there is a lot going on , and good spatial compositions'

Upcoming Event - You, the Earth and Air
The Hamilton Dance Company are busy preparing for their production, You, the Earth and Air, to be performed at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in December. This site-specific commissioned work created by Artistic Directors Dave Wilson and Alina Ciavarella, with company members - Marcia Dysart, Barbara Glazar, Tomiko Robson, Heather Roy, costume/set designer Will Leskevich, and interactive video by Bob Lanois, and lighting designer Tara Cymbalisty, is a one hour long work featuring dance and theatre. The 11 scenes placed around four locations in the gallery create an experience of time travel and inter-dimensional exploration for the audience.
Dates/Times: Thurs Dec 7 - 7.00pm; Fri Dec 8 - 7.00pm; Sat Dec 9 - 2.00pm
Cost: $6; $4 - AGH members and McMaster students.
Note: The Hamilton Dance company will be offering a lunchtime lecture-demo and performance (other choreography/improvisations) - Free, on Fri Dec 8 - 12.00-1.00pm


Clare Casey
A former MacDancer, Clare Casey is currently performing in Gaelforce, a touring Irish dance production. Clare, along with the rest of the company, has toured all through Europe, performing in the countries of Poland, Ireland and Germany to name a few. In addition, the past two years with Gaelforce has seen Clare doing a lot of television work to promote the show. What an experience! We are very proud of you, Clare. Best wishes in the future!

Allison Hatton
Allison Hatton was the first McMaster University student to graduate from Physical Education (now termed Kinesiology) with a combined degree in Drama. She displayed incredible artistic style in choreographing Hip Hop dance with the MacDancers. Allison now displays her creativity by teaching full-time dance at South Secondary School in London, Ontario. Allison and her dance students have recently journeyed to the Toronto Dance Theatre. They had the opportunity to watch the Company perform as well as participate in a dance workshop. The OAC students will also have the chance to taste the passion of choreography as they are hosting their own dance show on January 15, 2000 at South Secondary School. As for Allison, she is looking forward in returning to McMaster to complete a Master's degree in Fine Art's and looks forward to working along side Dave Wilson again.

Laura Hollick
Laura Hollick is a 1998 Fine Arts graduate from McMaster. She is currently a professional dancer and an artist. Laura is a founding member of the dance company Ectasy Loves Company. In addition, she has opened her own dance studio in Webster's Falls. Laura is very aware of the messages her body sends out. Her Soul Art Studio offers art classes that are centred on the search to find what our body really wants to say to us. They are part mediation, part body awareness and part art making, and the classes are unstructured and open to all. Laura is a soulful person who listens to her heart. She believes that "each person is so full of power but that some people aren't listening to their true passion or they don't believe that they are worthy to have what they want. I ask myself what feels best, what does my heart want – and things just start to click into place." Congratulations Laura! Keep on doing what makes you happy!
From Elaine Hujer

Sajah Fox
Sajah is a '98 Kinesiology graduate. Originally from Bermuda, Sajah came to Mac via Cambridge, ON. Although Sajah works as a kinesiologist, volunteers with her church, and teaches a stretch class, her passion is dance! A former MacDancer, Sajah is currently training and teaching with Erin MacDonald at Xpressions Creative Dance in Hamilton. Sajah came to Mac with very little dance experience and says that, "All the connections I've made in dance came from my experience through Mac. There is a terrific variety of programs. My experience at Mac gave me such a good base and allowed me to pursue my goals." In the future, Sajah would like to choreograph dance and continue her dance training. In her few spare moments, Sajah practices kickboxing and singing. It is terrific to see such a passion for dance! We wish you the best in whatever you do Sajah!

Tomiko Robson
Tomiko is a fourth year Arts & Science student at McMaster. Tomiko came to Mac from Vernon, B.C. where she trained at the Okanagan School of Ballet. Tomiko has been dancing for approximately 16yrs. Upon arriving at Mac, Tomiko's creativity led her towards modern dance and the McMaster Centre For Dance. "Modern dance is a terrific creative outlet, dancers are able to express themselves in a variety of ways. The group at Mac is great, all the dancers work together and get along really well." Tomiko's dance career has taken her to such exciting places as Holland where she trained and performed at Naarden-Bussum. On a more local note, the past four years has seen Tomiko perform with the Dream Dancers, the Parahumans Dance Theatre, the Hamilton Dance Company and the MacDancers. Tomiko is very excited about her current work; she just finished Step 4, a show in Toronto with the Parahumans Dance Theatre. She is presently choreographing for the MacDancers upcoming show for the American College Dance Festival in Illinois. This show can be previewed at the McMaster Centre For Dance show, Amalgam on December 2-3. In addition, Tomiko will be performing in the upcoming Hamilton Dance Company show in the Hamilton Art Gallery on December 7-9. When looking to the future, Tomiko is keeping her options open, "A professional dance career is very exciting but at this point I am very busy and focused on what I am doing at present." Although it is not fair to sum up a life of dance and four years at Mac in one sentence, Tomiko exclaims, "For me, dance is so much fun and a fabulous outlet for creative energy. McMaster is a great place to train, there is a wonderful dance environment here, with something to offer everyone!"


New Dance Teachers - September
A warm welcome to our new teachers this year: Kelly Arbour - Acro; Dana Castelli - Jazz; Heather Finn - Jazz; Terry Gallo - Pilates; Barbara Glazar - Ballet; Roberta Jenkins - Ballroom; Michelle Odle - Hip Hop; Jennifer Paul - Jazz; Natalie Quick - Celtic; Stephanie Scutella - Acro

Frank Augustyn
Our internationally-renowned ballet teacher, Frank Augustyn unfortunately is not with us this year as he has accepted a position as Head of Dance at Adelphi University in New York. We wish Frank the best, and anticipate him returning at times to teach Master classes.

Laura Copfer
We'd like to give special thanks to Laura Copfer for accompanying our ballet teachers on piano - both this and last year. Laura does a great job and both Max Ratevosian and Barbara Glazer appreciate her playing. Gone are the days where they have to keep running back to the sound system!

McMaster Dance Club

The McMaster Dance Club consists of 80 dancers from McMaster University and the surrounding community. The club's mission is to provide dancers with the opportunity to perform, take workshops and watch professional shows.

This year, the club is striving to produce yet another successful show called Centre Stage which will be a showcase of different genres of dance from Hip Hop to Ballet to Belly Dancing. Last year, the club's production, Genesis: Creation of the Soul, was a sold out event.

Centre Stage is the main event for the club this year, however the club does participate in other activities. For instance, on November 18th the Mac Dance Club hosted Cheap Date Saturdays at the John and on November 21st, Irene Vujic led a Tap dance workshop that was open to members and non-members alike. Aside from on-campus activities, the club plans to go on a road trip to watch the musical Mama Mia, on January 26.

How can you become part of this amazing club? Just e-mail us at macdanceclub@hotmail.com and you only have to pay a $5.00 membership fee.

Blessyl Dimain

Famous Dance Quotes

I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.
~~ Ruth St. Denis

Nothing is more revealing than movement.
~~ Martha Graham

I don't want people who want to dance, I want people who have to dance.
~~ George Balanchine

Dancing is movement, and movement is life.
~~ Ludmilla Chiriaeff