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Summary:      MAC ID passwords established before February 19, 2013 should be changed, even if the current password meets the new standard.  

McMaster is committed to ensuring the security of the University’s information systems and passwords which are an important element of the University’s security mechanisms. An audit of McMaster determined that the password policies within the McMaster network should be strengthened. Therefore, as of February 19, 2013, the ADS domain began enforcing new password complexity requirements. Further, MAC ID passwords will now expire after 12 months .

MAC ID passwords for employees, retirees and alumni established before February 19, 2013 should be changed , even if the current password meets the new standard.


Note that saved MAC ID passwords should be cleared prior to changing the password to prevent an account lockout.


Before Changing your Password

UTS recommends clearing all saved instances of your MAC ID password before changing it. See Saved passwords are often found in, for example, email programs on computers and Wi-Fi logins on smartphones. See UTS’s online guide at:  for additional advice.


How to Change your MAC ID Password

To ease this transition, UTS has prepared an online password change tool at: Using this tool, a user can change their password in less than a minute.


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