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Request for Proposal
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Supplier Proposal Evaluation Criteria
Customer Service 25 POINTS
* references from other customers
* experience with other universities/colleges
* ease of placing order / billing services
* product availability/delivery lead times
TOTAL Acquisition cost 25 POINTS
* inclusive of delivery, onsite warranty, etc.
* leasing options - faculty, staff & students
* pricing competitiveness
* flexibility of payment plans and terms
Product Range & Service 20 POINTS
* ease of upgradeability
* flexibility re options, upgrades, preloading of standard software
* currency/product life cycles
* on-site service terms (turnaround times)
Company background 15 POINTS
* reputation / past performance of the supplier;
* financial stability of supplier (corporate viability)
* $$$ spent on R & D
Suitability of Proposed Solution 15 POINTS
* creativity of proposal
* ability/receptiveness to work with existing models (CIS Technical Services, University Bookstore, Purchasing Services)
* ability to supply a wide range of products and services
* potential partnership opportunities with the University
In addition we discussed a separate technical evaluation (based on supplied evaluation units) with respect to: match to requested standard configurations, standard supported software used on campus, lab situations, network compatibility, performance reliability /robustness, industry standard components / technical support

Reference Materials: PC Magazine

The following suppliers have been invited to tender
Audcomp Computer Systems
DELL Canada
Hewlett Packard
KV Computers
Summit Direct
Systems Support
NOTE: Apple/Macintosh & SUN customers
Sun and Apple have exclusive contracts with the university through the University Bookstore - Titles. This means that the bookstore is the sole supplier on campus. Neither Sun or Apple will allow third parties to sell into the university. The Educational level pricing is fixed within these contracts by their respective corporate headquarters and reflects their corporate policies.