Meeting summary - May Update

1. Technical Evaluations - Steve Bendo/Marek Kiehla gave an overview and advisory group members were able to ask questions regarding some of the background on various comments and the rankings. While there were significant differences in individual components/rankings, overall the suppliers scored equally well. This was understood as a reflection of the minimal differences in overall quality.

Group reached agreement on a reduced list of four suppliers to proceed with negotiations - IBM, DELL, SEANIX & HP. Compaq will be advised that they will not be invited to negotiate further at this time.

2. The advisory group reviewed the various RFP criteria and decided to convert these items into negotiation goals/objectives with some items specific to the supplier.

Standard items to be negotiated across all suppliers included:

  • potential partnership opportunities with the University
  • marketing / promotions incentives for McMaster community to deal with the preferred suppliers
  • employee purchase / lease option with costs
  • student purchase / lease option with costs
  • service / support records/reports
  • McMaster designated technical reps
  • CIS Tech Services access to Bulletin / Web re supplier list of known problems and fixes
  • warrant against network incompatibilities

Negotiating Team to consist of Ann Lavelle, Terry Galen, Heather Grigg and a CIS Technical Services person. Suppliers will be notified that there is a defined time period for the negotiation process (ie. 6 weeks / no later than end of June) after which the best 3 will be recommended to the University.

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