Meeting summary - March Update

The Advisory group contracted an external consultant to review the RFP submissions from the five (5) short listed suppliers (Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and Seanix/JMG). That report was completed and presented to the group last week (March 25). The report summarized and assessed the various supplier proposals with the goal of identifying those areas bearing special attention - ie. where items in the proposals provided above average value in the industry or below average. In addition, the report provided a number of recommendations for follow up activity.

Suppliers were invited to make presentations to the group on March 29 about their RFP submissions and to answer questions the group had with respect to details within each supplier's RFP submission.

We have received a number of evaluation units which have been distributed to various technical evaluators on campus. The Technical subgroup of CPAG has developed a set technical evaluation criteria which is now being used. The technical evaluation period is expected to end mid April.

The campus community will have an opportunity to meet and speak with the short listed suppliers at a supplier show on Thursday April 8 (from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. inclusive) in the Council Chambers GH 111. Suppliers will be able to discuss their product lines and services. Further details will be sent in a separate announcement.

On completion of the technical evaluation the advisory group will be meeting to select the 2 or 3 vendors to enter into further discussions about why they should become one of McMaster's preferred suppliers. Once those negotiations are completed the group will be preparing a report and recommendations to the University executive for approval.

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