Meeting summary - Feb 24th

1. Advisory group members completed their re-evaluations of the eight remaining supplier RFP's and these were summarized and distributed to the group. The reference information available was reported to the group. After reviewing the rankings and some considerable discussion the group was able to reach consensus on a "short list" of suppliers which included Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM and JMG/Seanix.

2. Gary will advise the unsuccessful suppliers by email and will be contacting the short listed suppliers to request systems for the technical evaluation. We will ask for 4 desktops from each supplier with a couple of configuration differences. We will also ask for two notebooks (one entry level and one mid/high end unit as specified in the RFP). The notebooks will be delivered to the Bookstore for security alarms and cases and they will manage the scheduling/distribution for these evaluations.
The desktop units will be delivered to CIS Technical Services. One unit will be located in CIS Technical Services and we are seeking locations at various areas on campus for the remaining units. Group members will check with their Faculty/Area regarding who should be the technical evaluation representative for their area. The Chair will contact other key areas not represented on the advisory group. We expect to receive the units in approximately two weeks and to have them for 30 days.

3. The advisory group discussed the proposal to contract with an external consultant to review the RFP's from the short listed suppliers. It was agreed to proceed as the Chair was able to obtain the necessary funding. The consultant will spend approximately two days per RFP and then make a presentation to the advisory group outlining the various merits and deficiencies of each submission in comparison with what can be expected based on the marketplace. This activity will be done in parallel with the technical evaluation process.

4. The Technical subgroup will meet within the next week and submit their final criteria in advance of the evaluation systems being delivered.

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