Meeting summary - Feb 3rd

The CPAG Request for Proposal was distributed to invited suppliers on January 18, 1999. In addition the RFP was posted on Canada's Electronic Tendering Service (MERX listing) in conformance with the agreement between Ontario and Quebec to advertise bids for goods, services and construction contracts valued at $100,000 or more.

Suppliers were required to send a "Letter of Intent" to respond to the RFP by January 27, 1999 and to attend a mandatory clarification meeting on February 3, 1999. The clarification meeting was an opportunity to allow suppliers to ask questions relating to the RFP and to ensure that all suppliers had the benefit of that information. Suppliers were also informed of any areas of concern or interest expressed by the campus community to CPAG that were not specifically addressed in the formal RFP. A list of the suppliers that attended the meeting is included at the end of this note.

Suppliers must have their formal submissions in by February 11, 1999. CPAG have a series of meetings scheduled to review and evaluate the proposals and select a "short list" of suppliers by March.
Suppliers who are selected for the "short list" will then be asked to provide systems for a technical evaluation.

Aurora Microsystems
Summit Direct
STD Systems
Computer Odyssey
Alliance Computers
JMG Compusmart
Datadriven Technologies
ACDL Computers
4 Office Automation
Hewlett Packard
Computronix Computer Centre
Systems Support
Ciara Technology
Coretec Computer System
KV Computers
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